The Anacrusis: Player Character’s Height

Character NameHeight
Player Character~5’10


This is not the official height of the character, this is instead an estimate done by observing the line of site of the player character relative to the game environment. If you observe this Anacrusis Youtube Game Review Video, at [1:29], we can see some benches which are typically a type of bench situated in commercial waiting areas like ports and airports. These types of seats measure somewhere around 27 to 32 inches in height, but in this case, we will use an airport bench as a main reference. Since the game is exclusively played in 1st player, there will be limited observation options and thus this estimate must be considered as a rough scale estimate. 

Apparently and as what can be observed in the frame, the straight line of site of the character seems to match up with the monster height (observed also on other monsters). Assuming that the character is male and that the monster in the frame is male too, they should not deviate too far from the average Western/European male height which is 5’9.

Additionally, the gap between the eye height and the human top head height can vary between 5 to 6 inches, this value (we will use the max range which is 6 inches) can then be added to the estimated height level to get the overall height of the character. In the frame, the bench’s max height seems to take up around 45% (rough and adjustable) of the height line perspective of the player. So if that is the case, then we can create the equation [ x(.48)=78 ] where x is the eye height, 78 is the table max height in centimeters and 48 is the adjusted percentage also in centimeters (any further adjustment will stretch the outcome too far from the average height). The equation gives us 162.5 centimeters. Now the 15.24cm (6 inch eye height and top head height gap) can be added, giving us a final conclusion of 177.74cm as estimated height for the character.

This estimate was further observed using Hikaku Sitatter.


Hikaku Sitatter

Vassio airport bench

Anacrusis Youtube Game Review Video


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