How Tall is the Player Character in Summum Aeterna?

Summum Aeterna – Launch Trailer - YouTube
Character NameHeight
Player Character~23cm(if miniature)  or ~178cm (if human scale)


This estimate is not the official height of the character in the game, it is instead an estimate based on our research and observation.

By observing the character scale model in this Youtube Summum Aeterna Gameplay Video, we found two possible conclusions for the character’s height.

The first conclusion is that the player character may actually be a miniature entity, having a height of somewhere around 9 inches. This can be observed at [0:35] in the gameplay video where we can see books in the background of the game screen. The 9 inches conclusion is derived from the idea that the character has the same size and height and a book shown in a bookshelf. Although book heights can vary, Wikibooks mentions that 9 inches is the standard book height, so therefore we will go with that reference for our conclusion.

Another possible height for the character (this time in human scale), is that he might be around 178cm tall. However, this needs to be considered as a rough scale estimate due to the very fantasy-themed environment the character is set in. This observation was done by using the frame at [1:15] where we can see the character stand in the same line along an object that appears to be an outdoor lamp. Lamp post heights can vary, but this time, we should use the minimum standard range mentioned on Vietnam Cast Iron which is 2.4m. By using Hikaku Sitatter, we were able to come up with the idea that if the lamp stands at 2.4 meters and that the character model scales at around 75% (74.2%rough specific) of the lamp’s maximum height, it should give the character an estimated height value of around 178cm (178.08cm).


Youtube Summum Aeterna Gameplay Video


Vietnam Cast Iron

Hikaku Sitatter


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