How Tall is Shea from Tales of Aravorn Season of the Wolf?

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By scaling Shea alongside a wooden table in this Tales of Aravorn: Season of the Wolf Trailer Youtube Video, we were able to create his estimated height. Take note that this is not the official height of Shea, there is no official height yet.

If we go to the timeframe [0:23] in the trailer, we can see Shea, Althea, and their father stand next to one another, and in the background is a wooden table. Now typically, tables, especially dining tables, will measure around 28-30 inches in height, as mentioned on Dimensions. For this scale comparison, we will go with 30 inches as a reference point for the table’s height. The table’s maximum height seems to level with Shea’s hip height, this will allow us to create a height scale comparison between Shea and the table. By using Hikaku Sitatter, we visualized that a person with a hip (middle) height of 30 inches, should also have a maximum potential height of around 180cm.

As an extra, since we already have Shea’s estimated height, we can then proceed to use him as a main frame of reference if we want to calculate the height of other characters.


Tales of Aravorn: Season of the Wolf Trailer Youtube Video


Hikaku Sitatter


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