How Tall Are Hunter and Willow of “The Owl House”?

Image Source: Fandom

Name of the CharactersHeights
Hunter~ 3 ft & 4 in
Willow~ 3 ft & 7 in


Hunter and Willow are supporting characters from The Owl House. However, their duo is one of Fandom’s most famous fictional characters’ love teams. So, it is quite intriguing to know more about them, especially their physical characteristics.

One of the physical characteristics that we can talk about them is their height. The first thing about their heights is that Hunter is taller than Willow based on Fandom’s image, as we can see in the image above. Another reference point for their heights is their ages and it was stated on The Owl House Wiki that Hunter is 16 years old while Willow is 15 years old so they are both teenagers. Moreover, Willow is only half of the height of the door based on this image from IMDb so we can use the standard height of a door as a reference point for Willow’s height.

Therefore, Willow is probably 40 inches (3 feet and 4 inches) tall since the standard door height is 80 inches according to Rustica. On the other hand, Hunter is taller than Willow so we can estimate his height to be 3 feet and 7 inches tall.



The Owl House Wiki




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