How Tall is Jashin-chan From Jashin-chan Dropkick?

Character NameHeight
Jashin-chan~5ft 1.8in


This height estimate corresponds to the standing height of Jashin, not her overall length. Jashin’s height was estimated by scaling her beside Yurine Hanazono, another character in the show.

Yurine Hanazono was revealed to be around 5’4 (162.5cm) in the anime trailer, this is according to the Dropkick on my Devil Fandom.

Since we already know the height of Yurine Hanazono, we now simply have to scale Jashin next to her, so that we can figure out Jashin’s approximate height value.

Using this image from Amino Apps, we were able to have a reference to estimate Jashin’s height relative to Yurine Hanazono.

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On the image, we can see that Jashin’s maximum height matches Yurine’s forehead height. By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool, we were able to come up with the conclusion that Jashin should be somewhere around the height of 157cm (that’s around 5ft and 1.8inches tall).

Regarding Jashin’s total body length, roughly speaking, Jashin’s maximum body length may stretch up to 172 inches (14ft). This includes both her standing height (5ft 1.8in) and the tail reminder (2.8m).


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