How Tall is Ann Flores from ANNO: Mutationem

Character NameHeight
Ann Flores~5’6


The height listed in this article is not the official height of Ann Flores, it is instead as estimate which we procured after doing our observations and research.

Ann Flores’ height was estimated by observation her height difference to a dumpster. The frame can be found in this Youtube Anno: Mutationem Game Review Video at [1:10]. In the frame, we can see Ann stand right beside what appears to be a 6 yard dumpster. We’ve followed some specifications on Dumpster and two other links (Pinterest and WM) for us to know more about the item’s height. After our research, we’ve found out that 6 yard type dumpsters can have varying height and size, however, the one show on the frame should be a 6 yard type dumpster with a height of 6 feet.

By observation Ann relative to the dumpster, she seems to take up around 92% of the dumpster’s total height. So since the dumpster is 72 inches, Ann should be around 66.24 inches tall (5’6).


Youtube Anno: Mutationem Game Review Video 





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