How Tall is Ali From The Big Con?

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The data in this article should be considered as a rough scaling estimate due to the cartoonish nature of the game. Ali’s height was estimated by visualizing her scale difference against a library counter desk. In this Youtube The Big Con – Meet The Cast Trailer Video, we can see at [2:25] that Ali is standing beside a counter. Typically and also according to Wood Stock Outlet, counter desks vary between 34 and 36 inches. For this estimate, we will be using the counter’s midpoint which is 35 inches.

The counter’s maximum height seems to be in the same level as Ali’s pelvis, and it seems to take up over 40% of Ali’s total height. By using Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Chart Tool to visualize this scale difference, we were able to come up with 150 centimeters (4’11) as Ali’s approximate height.

Although this height scale (4’11) may stretch too far from the African-American female height average, we think it sound plausible since Ali in the game is actually young female teenager, and so she is yet to grow up to her maximum height potential.


Hikaku Sittater Height Comparison Chart Tool 

Youtube The Big Con – Meet The Cast Trailer Video

Wood Stock Outlet


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