Attack on Titan Human Character Figurines You Can Buy Online

#1 Eren Yeager


Both of these figurines are a product from Good Smile Company. The first one on the right features an adult Eren Yeager figure, it is purchasable on Amazon for $54. The second figure (on the right) is another figurine featuring Eren as a teenager. It can also be bought on Amazon for the price of $150.

#2 Levi Ackerman


The image above shows 3 different action figures featuring the character Levi Ackermann.

The first image (on the left) features Levi during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd season of the anime, wearing his Scout uniform. The action figure can be bought on Amazon for $75.

The second image (on the middle) features an action figure of Levi wearing his cleaning outfit. It can be bought on Amazon ($60).

The third image (on the right) features the season 4 character model for Levi Ackermann. The item can be bought on the Official Crunchyroll Store ($27). 

#3 Erwin Smith


This item is a Max Factory Import figurine available on Amazon ($85). The item will also include Erwin’s horse and 3 several faceplates that allows you to change the figure’s facial expressions.



Official Crunchyroll Store


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