Chainsaw Man: Denji and Power Real Life Outfit Cosplay

#1 Denji Demon Form


The images shown above were taken from a product listed on Etsy. Someone is selling an entire Denji chainsaw prop set (headgear and 2 arm saw). The props or replica are made out of eva foam and it is not 3D printed.

#2 Power Red Outfit


A power full cosplay set is being sold on Amazon for $40. The set features the character “Power” with her office uniform, horn, and red hoodie.

Extras: Denji Figurine, Pochita Plushie, and Pochita Keychain


The Pochie Plushie, Pochita Keychain, and Denji Figurine are all available on Amazon.

Denji Figurine has a price tag that is around $95, and the Plushie will cost you $28. 

The keychain is made out of alloy and is originally from China. It will cost you around $14.

The figurine is a product from Good Smile Company, a reputable Japanese manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo. The figure comes with two faces; a transformed Denji and a standard one. Denji Figurine has a price tag of $95

Lastly, the Plushie is a simple Pochita kid’s toy. It is made out of soft cotton. The plushie will cost you $28. 


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