Top 30 Crazy Facts about the “Barbie: Mermaid Power” Movie

#1 In the “Barbie: Mermaid Power” Movie, there are two main protagonists who have the same name. However, they came from different places so they have made nicknames based on the place where they came from. One of the Barbie is nicknamed “Brooklyn”, and her friend is nicknamed “Malibu” according to Barbie Movies Fandom since those are the places where they lived.

#2 Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts is one of the main protagonist of “Barbie: Mermaid Power” Movie that will go on an underwater adventure as she transforms into mermaid to help save and protect the world of Pacifica according Barbie Movies Fandom. Moreover, during her adventure in Pacifica, Brooklyn discovers her powers and becomes a Fire mermaid.

#3 Brooklyn is a teenager girl as stated on Wiki Fandom to be her age. With that, we have made an estimation of the measurement of her age in number so, she is probably 18 years old. The reason for that is she probably has the same age with Malibu, the oldest among the siblings, who has three siblings.

#4 Brooklyn’s height is taller than Malibu’s height based on their photo on IMDb. Moreover, we can notice also the difference of their heights on YouTube clip on the movie. So, we estimated her height to be 5 feet and 5 inches tall or taller than average teenager girl in America according to Healthfully.

#5 Brooklyn’s weight is probably the biggest among the five main characters in the movie since she is also the tallest one. So, we estimated her weight to be bigger than average according to Hood MWR. So, she is probably 67 kg.

#6 One of the main protagonists is the other Barbie Roberts nicknamed as “Malibu”. She became the best friend of Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts that will go also on an underwater adventure as she transforms into mermaid to help save and protect the world of Pacifica accompanied by her three siblings. On the other hand, During her adventure, Malibu reforms her old foe Marlo and turns her into a mermaid, and is rewarded when Marlo helps awaken her Water powers, which turns her into a Water mermaid according to Fandom.

#7 Malibu’s age is estimated to be the same as Brooklyn. As mentioned above, Brooklyn’s age is 18 years old approximately so Malibu is also of the same age since they have the same characteristics and vibes together which could usually exists with the same age person.

#8 Malibu’s height is shorter than Brooklyn’s based on their photo on IMDb. So, we estimated her height to be 5 feet and 4 inches tall or the average height of teenager girl with her age in America according to Healthfully.

#9 Malibu’s weight is also smaller or lesser than Brooklyn since she is slimmer and shorter than her best friend as we can see on the YouTube clip and Fandom. So, she is probably 65.5 kg.

#10 One of the sisters or siblings of Barbie “Malibu” Roberts is Skipper. According to her Barbie Fandom, she strives to be able to take care of herself and her sisters and she is strong and protective, standing up for what is right. Moreover, during their adventure, she awakens Air powers and becomes an Air mermaid.

#11 Skipper is Barbie’s adventurous second oldest sister as mentioned also on her Barbie Fandom. So, this means that she is next to Malibu with age. Then, we estimated their ages to have 4 years gap and we could say that Skipper is 14 years old.

#12 Skipper is second oldest sister of Malibu and she is also the second tallest teenager girl among her siblings or sisters based on the photo on IMDb and YouTube clip. Moreover, she is probably 2 inches shorter than her older sister, Malibu, which means that she is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

#13 Skipper’s weight is also second to her sister and we estimated her weight to be lesser than 10 kg than her sister. So, she is probably  55.5 kg.

#14 Another sister of Barbie “Malibu” Roberts is Stacie. According to Barbie Wiki Fandom, she is a fun and goofy ball of energy, strong and athletic, and she loves to be constantly moving and loves active games. Also, she is fond of animals, especially sea animals, and easily makes friends due to being outgoing. Moreover, during her adventure, she awakens Earth powers, which she uses to save Malibu from being pulled into a whirlpool, and becomes an Earth mermaid.

#15 Stacie’s age is estimated to be 10 years old or 4 years gap to Skipper’s age since it was stated also on her Barbie Wiki Fandom that her age is still a child however it might be closer to being a teenager. Also, she is the second youngest sister of Malibu and next to Stacie.

#16 Stacie’s height could be 3 inches shorter than her sister, Skipper, as we can observe on the photo on IMDb and YouTube clip. So, she is probably 4 feet and 11 inches tall.

#17 Stacie’s weight is estimated to be 8 kg lesser than her sister, Skipper. So, we should say that she is 47.5 kg.

#18 The youngest sibling of Barbie “Malibu” Roberts is Chelsea. According to her Barbie Fandom Wiki, she is very girly and cute, but rather clever and smart for her age, and also a bit sarcastic. Also, like Stacie, she is outgoing and makes friends easily. Moreover, during their adventure, Chelsea discovers an innate ability to communicate with sea animals, which allows her to awaken Water powers and become a Water mermaid like her sister Malibu.

#19 Chelsea’s age is seven years old based on Barbie Fandom Wiki. Like Stacie, she is also a child and she is 4 years old younger than her sister, Stacie.

#20 Chelsea’s height is estimated to be 2 inches shorter than her sister or sibling, Stacie. So, she is probably 4 feet and 9 inches tall.

#21 Chelsea’s weight is estimated to be 6 kg lesser than her sister, Stacie. So, she is 41.5 kg approximately.

#22 If there are savior then there are also destroyer. So, the main antagonist of the “Barbie: Mermaid Power” Movie is Marlo. According to Barbie Fandom, she has an extremely short temper, which can cause her to become jealous and spiteful, especially when things don’t work as she hopes they will. As a result, she becomes more determined and ruthless in her attempts to achieve fame and glory, and often refuses to listen to reason or admit when she’s wrong that makes her the antagonist of the story.

#23 Marlo’s age is stated as an adult woman on her Barbie Fandom. Looking at her photos, she looks like a young adult who might be in middle 30s. In number, she is 35 years old approximately.

#24 Marlo’s height is taller than Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts as she is an adult as mentioned Barbie Fandom and we can  based on her photos on IMDb and YouTube clip that she is really taller than Brooklyn. So, she is probably 5 feet and 7 inches tall or 2 inches taller than Brooklyn.

#25 Marlo’s weight is greater than Brooklyn for about 5 kg as she also looks bigger than her. Moreover, adults have bigger weights compared to teenager since they could no longer be active with leisure as work are their priorities.  So, she is probably 73 kg.

#26 One of the boy mermaids who did not transform and originally one of them is Finn. As described on Wiki Fandom, he is nicer than other mermaids but still skeptical of humans. Moreover, Finn is a merman who lives in the underwater kingdom of Pacifica with her younger sister named Aquaryah as to whom he is overprotective.

#27 Finn’s age is estimated to be the same as Brooklyn and Malibu since they are easily bond together as we can see on the trailer on YouTube. Usually, teenagers with the same ages get along easily with each other. So, he is also 18 years old approximately.

#28 Finn looks taller than Brooklyn and Malibu based on IMDb and YouTube clip. He is probably 3 inches taller than Brooklyn which is not a question since he is a man. So, he is probably 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

#29 Finn’s weight is greater than Brooklyn since he is taller. However, he has a slimmer body so we could say that he is 2 kg greater than Brooklyn. So, he is probably 70 kg.

#30 As a trivia, Malibu’s backpack is seen in the vlog “Barbie Backpack Tour!”, when she gives her backpack to Chelsea. The movie is referenced in the vlog “Mermaid Makeup Tutorial With Brooklyn!” Morever, the “Barbie: Mermaid Power” Movie is the sequel of “Barbie: It Takes Two”. Nowadays, they created Barbie Movies with two main antagonists or two Barbie named characters.




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