Top 12 Fun Facts about the Netflix Troll 2022 Movie

This article will have spoilers about the movie! You have been warned.

#1 The Troll’s Height

By doing some visual scaling observation from several clips posted on Youtube, it appears that the troll is somewhere around 50 meters talls. We had this conclusion when we put the scale or height difference between a very tall pine tree and the Troll. The Pine Tree had a maximum height of around 24 meters and the Troll seems to be twice the height of the Pine Tree with a bit of an addition, therefore we give him a height range of 50 meters.

If this observation is correct, then the Troll is basically just almost  as tall as the Colossal Titan from Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) anime and manga.

#2 Sunlight Medusa

Trolls have an innate weakness to fire, and depending on the mythological standpoint or videogame logic you refer upon, Trolls can have other weaknesses, but in general, Trolls are weak when explosed to fire or heat. In the movie, and with the troll being a Norwegian Folklore Based Creature, it was shown that when the Giant Troll is exposed to sunlight, they die because they seem to become more rigid due to the heat, and so their body collapses in on itself. This weakness will require the Troll to find a hiding spot before the sun comes out.

In videogames and other media, Trolls are known to be weak against fire (and some of them won’t die when exposed to sunlight) since fire mitigates their greatest strength which is regeneration. Trolls can easily regenerate any damage done to their body in a very short period of time, making them very hard to kill without any sort of “regeneration stopping element” like fire.

#3 Dumb As Rock

Did you know that Trolls are actually pretty stupid? That’s right, these big fellas are made out of literal rocks, and the phrase “Dumb as a Rock” pretty much applies to a lot of Trolls, depending on which myth or media perspective you refer to. As shown not only in the movie but also on other media like Witcher, Overlord (Maruyama’s) or hell even Dota 2 (Troll Warlord), the speech pattern and thinking ability of Trolls are very limited, this is another weakness of the Troll, and this attribute also makes them a very hard creature to deal with.

#4 Trollish Suspense

The music by Peer Gynt, In the Hall of the Mountain King, is used as a soundtrack for the movie, giving a a scary build up and suspense for the scenes in the movie.

#5 Call of Duty Military Experience

One of the main characters in the trailer of the movie specifically mentions to an army personnel that he has a lot of “military experience”, to which he then added that it all comes from his playing of the video game called Call of Duty.

#6 Ugly in General

The Troll being a giant is just another variation of how Trolls are interpreted. As mentioned on TV Tropes, trolls can have many different physical variations. Some trolls are depicted as Giants, some are just human sized and some are depicted as small goblin like creatures. The generality of trolls only revolves around the fact that they are ugly.

This “diversity” is the reason why people may have difficulties when discussing or talking about trolls. What happens is that some people might draw the logic of Trolls from videogames, with them being all mean and dangerous, while for other people, they might think that trolls are those kind sweet little singing creatures from a 2016 Disney movie. This divide or diversity may lead to many different inconsistencies when people talk about trolls, however and funny enough, despite all these inconsistencies, the fact that trolls are ugly is the only fact that creates a nexus for all disputants.

#7 King Kong?

In the movie trailer, one research guy specifically mentions that the “Creature” might be King Kong, and honestly, I don’t blame him, I would have also said the exact same thing if I were him.

#8 Disturbed Sleeping Beauty

The Troll was actually just having a peaceful sleep until some guys started to blow holes in the mountain using dynamite. Later in the movie, it was revealed that the giant Troll actually also have a weakness to noise.

#9 Tailed Beast

The troll in the movie actually has a tail! Trolls are diverse, however, a tailed giant Troll is a new concept of trolls exclusive only within the movie.

#10 A Good Troll

In one of the fight scenes of the movie, the Troll grabs a falling helicopter, ultimately saving a little girl who was about to get crushed by the debris.

#11 Kong: Skull Island Reference

The Helicopter with Bells vs Troll Fight Scene in the movie looks eerily similar to that of Kong vs Helicopters Fight Scene in Kong: Skull Island.

#12 Defying Gravity

Much like any other big monster movies or media works, a big, gigantic creature such as the Troll in the movie should not be able to stand at all.

In real life, if you or a living thing gets too big, their weight will ultimately skyrocket in proportion with their size, and so if an animal is too big, the gravitational pull of the planet becomes way too intense for them to support bodily functions, let alone stand up. In this case, especially since the troll is made out of rocks, the weight holding him down should be so heavy that it would require him unbelievable amounts energy and strength just to sustain standing up.


TV Tropes

Helicopter with Bells vs Troll Fight Scene

Helicopters Fight Scene in Kong: Skull Island.


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