Lover Pretend: Eiichirou Asagi’s Costume Guide

Image Source: English Otome Games Fandom & Amazon

Eiichirou Asagi is one of the main characters in Lover Pretend Game. He is a tall and handsome guy. Moreover, he even looks better with his dress or costume. So, here are the items that he is wearing: (1) 2 Piece Suits One Button Formal Tuxedo which can be bought on Amazon for US $68.99 – $75.99 , (2) Men’s Striped Shirts  for only US $19.99 – $26.99 on Amazon, and (3) Plain Toe Dress Shoes that costs $60.00 at Amazon.


English Otome Games Fandom Lover Pretend

Amazon Mens 2 Piece Suits One Button Formal Tuxedo

Amazon  Men’s Striped Shirts

Amazon  Men’s Plain Toe Dress Shoes


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