Costume Guide: How To Dress Up Like Shotaro Hidari from Fuuto Tantei (FUUTO PI)

Shotaro Hidari Costume


A sassy and dandy detective loved by many fans, Shotaro Hidari in the anime adaptation is presented in a slick black style clothing. First thing we can notice is that Hidari wears a gentleman’s fedora, which is also nicely paired with his rocker boy styled, ragged and long hair. He wears a pink colored long sleeve undershirt, which is topped with a piece of open tuxedo, this tuxedo comes with its own bowtie and black pants. We can disregard the black bowtie and then buy our own red long tie which will match Hidari’s style. To complement his upper and lower apparel, Hidari wears a white belt with a golden hitch. And lastly, he has an escalade styled black shoes added as the lower finishing to his dandy looks.




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