Loopmancer: Xiang Zixu Height and Age

Character NameAgeHeight
Xiang Zixu~30s~5ft 7.6in

Age Analysis:

According to Kotaku, Xiang Xizu is the main protagonist in the game. He is a cyber-enhanced detective that is trying to find a missing journalist.

His physical appearance gives us a hint that he is a man that is in his 30s.

 Height Analysis:

Xiang Xizu’s physical appearance and name suggests that he is (or has) Chinese ancestry. We are unsure whether he has mixed blood or not. His face heavily suggests that he is not 100% Chinese, nonetheless, we used the average Chinese male height (5’7.6) from Healthline as a main reference when estimating his height.

In this Youtube Loopmancer Cutscenes Video uploaded by Gamer’s Little Playground, we can see at around 1 minute in the video, Xiang Xizu is talking to someone (presumably a friend) named Dave. Dave looks like an African-American man.

One Washington Post article mentions that in a certain study, it was found out that male African-Americans have an average height of 5 feet and 9 inches. We will use this value as a height for Dave.

When we scale Dave’s and Xizu’s estimated height together using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart, and then compare it to the cutscene, the results in the height comparison chart verily correlates with the cutscene. There is a noticeable 1.5 or 2 inch difference between Dave’s and Xizu’s height. This gives us a conclusion that Xiang Xizu’s height is pretty close to the Chinese average (5 feet and 7.6 inches).


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