GTA 6 – The Biggest And Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made In History (Probably)

Following the recent leaks of GTA 6, a certain “piece” of data could lead to a conclusion that GTA 6 will probably become the biggest and most expensive video game ever made.

The information we have is derived from Reddit. We won’t be including any image/video from the leak in order to protect our site. The leaked image involves a conversation between two users, one of which is presumed to be the main leaker. In the image, we can clearly see the name “pot”, this is definitely the same user named “teapotuberhacker”, the same guy who posted the leaks on GTAforums.

Among the leaks includes teapotuberhacker saying that throughout the development phase of the game, 2 billion dollars had already been spent on the game. This spans from 2014 up until the release of the leaks (September 2022).

If this “rumor” is true, GTA 6 might just be the most ambitious, biggest, and most expensive piece of digital entertainment media ever produced in history!




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